Link-Tail® NSN: 8465-99-402-3139

The Link-Tail® is an innovative Patented Solution, for the Carriage and Rapid, Snag-Free Deployment of Link Ammunition.

Significantly Reducing the likelihood of Weapon Stoppages due to Twisted /Damaged Belts or Contaminants.

  • Its design facilitates a Snag-Free Delivery directly to the Weapon Systems Feed Tray.
  • The unique design of the Link-Tail enables the user to fire directly from the sleeve without the need to remove the ammunition.
  • Link-Tail’s offer protection from exposure to Dirt, Sand, Grit, Snow and Excessive Moisture.
  • The Link-Tail houses a continuous 200 Round Belt of 7.62mm or 400 5.56mm
  • Visible Indication of Ammunition Status
  • Facilitates Rapid Ammunition Resupply
  • Maintains Combat Effectiveness and Ensures Ready Ammunition is Fit for Use.

Proven to increase the weapons lethality due to increased suppressive fire capability.

Highlighted for its capability to reduce “OWN” Casualties due to increased lethality.

Identified for its ease of use and its capability to provide rapid resupply of ammunition to the gunner from other team member’s.